Daily Industry News Update (26 December 2020)


Property segment: Experts hope for recovery in 2021, and deals to look out for

It has been a tough year for most sectors and it was no different for the property market. With 2021 dawning, many are hoping for better time ahead but property experts “remain uncertain when it will happen”, wrote The Edge Malaysia. “Market conditions were, and still are, uncer…

Retail Group Malaysia ‘expects’ retail industry to turn around next year

The retail industry is expected to turn around next year, growing at a forecast 4.9%, The Edge Malaysia in its latest issue reported Retail Group Malaysia (RGM) announcing. RGM stated that “all retail sub-sectors — fashion, department stores or grocery” are expected to rebound

Three challenges for Asia’s next generation digital economy

The year 2020 was a turning point in so many ways. Indeed, it could be that 2020 marks the end of a long period of global cooperation that delivered Globalisation 1.0, and that we are in a rocky transition to Globalisation 2.0. It is therefore timely to consider some lessons for how

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