Daily Industry News Update (16 February 2021)


Klang Valley – Volatility continues in 2021

From New York, London, Paris, Tokyo to Sydney, coping with the Covid-19 cases is a tough balancing act between keeping people safe and opening the doors to the economy. Which do you prioritise as the infectious virus keeps rearing its ugly head after rounds of affirmative

Johor property remains subdued without foreign buyers

The recent interest in residential units in the state, which was a result of the government’s initiatives in mitigating the property overhang issues, has dissipated since the beginning of the pandemic and all the restrictions that came with it. VPC Realtors (JB) Sdn Bhd AsiaPacific

Malaysia No 1 Technology City

The i-City Golden Triangle (i-City GT) in the capital city of Selangor is set to be on par with world-class cities around the world, with its cutting-edge technologies and 400G-capable network connectivity. Through a conscious adoption of technology to challenge the

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