Daily Industry News Update (19 December 2020)


Global economic outlook for next year

IT will be Christmas in a few more days and then 2021 begins. At this time, the globally economic outlook doesn’t look so good. Slowly but surely, the Covid-19 pandemic is taking its toll. Overall, policy makers feel something needs to be done. Politically, that’s not so easy.

Where is the HSR heading?

AMONG the mega projects that Malaysia has, the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) has gone through many backs-andforths. The two-year deferral for the 350km project ends in 12 days and latest developments seem to point at Malaysia going at it alone. A recent…

Inflation to make a comeback in 2021, but only mildly

Inflation is likely to make a comeback in 2021 after a deflationary trend this year as the Covid-19 pandemic supressed demand for goods and services. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg are projecting a decline of 1.5% in November in the consume r price index (CPI), which …

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