Daily Industry News Update (28 November 2020)



Shibboleths and subterfuge in economics

ECONOMICS is about life – about making the world a better place to live; about making life better. So, very much like medicine, economics is a practical discipline, especially macroeconomics – invented by Lord Keynes in response to the Great Depression. It figures out ..


Hong Leong Bank, HLFG, Hibiscus, Ekovest, Padini, Axiata, Alliance Bank, QL Resources, KNM, Maybank, Affin Bank, Public Bank, CIMB, Kenanga Investment Bank, Sunway, BHIC, Paramount and TDM

Based on corporate announcements and news flow today, shares that may be in focus on Monday (Nov 30) include: Hong Leong Bank Bhd, Hong Leong Financial Group Bhd, Hibiscus Petroleum Bhd, Ekovest Bhd, Padini Holdings Bhd, Axiata Group Bhd, Alliance Bank Malaysia….


Bloc voting attempt foiled by opposition’s own confusion

The opposition’s attempt to proceed with the bloc voting on the Budget 2021 at the Parliament sitting yesterday was foiled by their own confusion, said Selangau MP Baru Bian. He said in a press statement today that the confusion was caused by an opposition… .

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