Daily Industry News Update (29 January 2021)


Do not pay beyond 50% until property fully redeemed by developer

It sounds incredulous, but banks had initiated foreclosure proceedings against homebuyers, not because the latter had failed to pay their instalments, but to recover loans which their developers had defaulted! And this was legal because the developers had secured their loans

Re-planning office space under the new norm

An open-plan office design that promotes social interaction and communication has been a popularly well-accepted trend for decades. What about now, especially since the world has been hit by Covid-19, the destructive virus that can be transmitted between people through

New X factors in office requirements

The increasing number of people working remotely doesn’t mean reduced demand for office space, as the function of the workplace will be redefined to suit other needs. A recent survey by JLL Property Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd indicates that office space remains as a place for

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